CX Engagement Archictect, Innovation Leader (Social Media Manager)

  • Social media manager and content curator with substantial experience working with digital and social media (3+ years in agency or client)
  • Knowledge of social media tools such as Sprinklr, Hootsuite, etc.
  • Creative abilities in written and verbal communication.
  • Very familiar with social media in the tech sector and knowledgeable of high-quality, news-worthy, trust-worthy international information sources.
  • Actively engaged with social media professional groups and organizations
  • Bilingual or Native English speaker and professional proficiency in Spanish.
  • Ability to manage direct client incoming requests and manage client expectations.
  • Leadership: ability to lead a team of diverse and international professionals, setting short and long term individual and team objectives. Leads by example, and empowers those around to take on new exciting tasks that would further their abilities
  • Creative capabilities: copywriting skills and ability to conceptualize ideas for real time and always on content in support of content manager.
  • Expertise in the tech sector: very familiar with social media in the tech sector, looking out for innovation opportunities through continuous benchmark of competitors and other brands.

Cultural Fit:

A proactive maximizer

Works well under pressure

Detail-oriented and organized

Flexible and open-minded

Highly communicative and empathetic as a key member of a multi- cultural and multi-functional team

Findasense is a fast-growing company. It has developed and deployed marketing and consumer interaction solutions to more than 40 markets over the last 4 years. Since 2011, our team has doubled its size every year, and now comprises more than 250 full-time professionals. Findasense is fully aimed and committed to creating an outstanding, global and networked organization, with innovation, creativity and smart client service practices at the heart of all operations and capabilities. We seek for humble, talented, and ambitious people with strong ‘can-do’ and ‘start-up’ attitude.


To create content in different Social Media and digital channels with intention and a long-term impact. Manage and engage with the online community in a way which builds brand awareness.

Outcomes and accountabilities:

  • Has a clear vision of what every social network’s feed should look like.
  • Makes sure the needs of social content available for the week are met in advance, coordinating SM Publisher on the client’s side.
  • Content Curation: actively looks for retweet and quote retweet opportunities - user-generated content, product reviews, thought leadership, other Lenovo social handles and real-time marketing opportunities
  • Moderate (respond / hide / report cases to the corresponding area) all the content provided by the team in the defined social media channels.
  • Leads the Community Management team as their most senior and experienced member: supervises that tasks are done according to expectations. Leads ongoing training for CMs
  • Ensures an optimized workflow and proceses between teams and teammates, both at Findasense and with client.
  • Acts as a substitute for copywriter when necessary to conceptualize and verbalize new ideas.
  • Management of crisis alerts received directly in the social media channels of the brand, tracking them and action proposal.
  • Web monitoring in search of conversations about the company, brands, competitors and other topics of interest.
  • Organizes, replies to and tags incoming user messages on Sprinklr according to the established processes: DMs, positive mentions, correct tagging, escalation of post-sales issues, follow-up, etc.
  • Establishes the process between the agency and the client, and oversees the correct use and nurturing of the Q&aA knowledgebase.
  • Supports copywriter by sending creative alerts: what trending topics and opportunities are there for the brand to participate in online conversations.
  • RTM event coverage support: supports key events for the brand
  • Leads coordination with other functions or teams: paid media specialist and/or agency, publisher, content manager.
  • Organizes the tasks at hand for the next team member: uses a work process to hand over pending issues to other community managers on the team at the end of the day.
  • Completes monthly reporting with insights and learnings and presents to client: ensures that the data sent by the community management team is correct, adds learnings, insights, improvement points, etc. for continuous improvement of the service.
  • Participate in all team meetings with the objective of reporting the performance of the communication in social media and giving input on the proposed content.

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