CX Engagement Specialist, Innovation Leader (Nutritionist)

Bachelor in Nutrition or Biomedical Sciences.

Master's or Doctoral studies highly desirable.

2 year-experience in the Food and Beverage industry.

Spanish and English at the negotiation level. Other languages will be a plus.

Knowledge in Social Media and / or experience in the Digital Marketing sector.

Experience in content writing.

Extensive knowledge of physiology, nutrient metabolism and the relationship of nutrient intake to disease development

Excellent communication skills, both creatively and innovatively.

Ability to communicate complex nutritional principles, both technical and non-technical.

Ability to interpret and translate complex data in terms that can be easily communicated in online media.

Knowledge on Clinical Research is essential.

Cultural Fit

· Honesty.

· Relentlessly.

· Efficiency.

· Attention to detail.

· Analytical skills.

· Organization and planning.

· Fast Learning.

· Creativity and Innovation.

· Proactivity.

· Goal driven.

· Enthusiasm.

· High Standards.

· Communication Skills.

· Teamwork.

· Challenge willing.

Findasense is a fast-growing company. It has developed and deployed marketing and consumer interaction solutions to more than 40 markets over the last 4 years. Since 2011, our team has doubled its size every year, and now comprises more than 250 full-time professionals. Findasense is fully aimed and committed to creating an outstanding, global and networked organization, with innovation, creativity and smart client service practices at the heart of all operations and capabilities. We love humble, talented, and ambitious people with strong ‘can-do’ and ‘start-up’ attitude.


CX Engagement Specialist, Innovation Leader (Nutritionist) - Maternity Leave

Our CX Engagement Specialist will identify, qualify, nurture, care, and engage with brand communities and to find insight out of them, which will serve to develop profitable models that make a positive impact in our clients, people, stakeholders, and most importantly, for the world.


Integrating the Brand Communication Vision, Strategy and Guidelines along with Health and Nutrition topics.

- Providing accurate and balanced assessments of the role of different product components in regards to human metabolism and health

- Promoting scientific-based communication, both internally and externally, well aligned with the Brand’s objectives and goals

- Training and mentoring team members in your specific area.

Developing sustainable relationships with stakeholders to support our client's products.

- Defining strategic communication and engagement guidelines to get applied in regards to health, nutrition and product ingredients.

- Engaging with large social media communities, contributing to identify key users, fans, and influencers, and getting them to participate leveraging brand KPIs and goals.

- Supporting the implementation of marketing campaigns from the perspective of nutrition, health, and product.

Extracting learnings from any campaign to feed the next strategy, content, and media planning.

- Monitoring social buzz in the area of nutrition, health and product.

- Reporting the owned and earned media performance per channel or media platform.

Publish and moderate (respond / hide / report cases to the corresponding area) all the content provided by the team in the defined social media channels.

Participate in all team meetings with the objective of reporting the performance of the communication in social media and giving input on the proposed content.

Realisation of monthly quantitative and qualitative reports of the performance in the social media.

RTM event coverage

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