Digital Strategy & Content Lead

What we are looking for

  • +5 years of experience in 2 or 3 digital reputable agencies in your market or in large integrated marketing and advertising agencies, in which you have gone through several disciplines.
  • Your client will talk about positioning, campaigns and investments, and you have to be able to see the whole picture.
  • You're passionate about the digital world, you know what is a global campaign in all media, differentiate between an insight, a territory, a positioning, a headline and a creative concept and you have had the opportunity to participate from the beginning.
  • Real experience in digital storytelling brand content.
  • Creative Thinking
  • Video content capabilities are very valuable.
  • you have been an Account team member, that would be a plus.
  • You worked in accounts for FMCG advertisers, including the experience in competitions and powerful presentations.
  • You are able to maintain a good working environment.
  • You know how to take a briefing communication and turn it into a strategic and creative opportunity.
  • You 're coming to add value to the process Besides, you know have excellent presentations skills.
  • Yo know the relationship between channels and the content that work the best.
  • You keep up to date in new networks and trends.
  • Having management & coaching skills
  • Eligible to improve procedures & processes
  • International experience (at least 1 year living abroad is very valuable)
  • Fluent in French, English and Arabic, other language is a plus


  • You are smart, organized and inspiring. An open book.
  • A visionary who knows to implement solutions for today and solutions for tomorrow socially sensitive and without prejudice
  • You must be knowledgeable of the communication industry in your country, the major agencies and campaigns, the best creative, who manages which accounts, advertising festivals, partnerships and social media and marketing symposiums, etc.
  • You are resolutive, positive, and target oriented.
  • Common sense and people skills
  • Great team worker and fun to work with.

Envision a modern space to work closely with your client and your team on a level playing ground in a highly creative environment. A high performance centre dedicated to monitoring and listening, intelligence and communicating content in real time!

We are looking for a digital strategy planner with strong creative skills. You have experience in a thousand social media and digital campaigns, lover of communications and of the most innovative digital industry, one to one marketing, social conversations, engagement, promotions, viral and branded content.


Drive growth through digital campaigns and consumer relationship creating digital marketing strategies, present them to the client and implement them along with a creative team. Identify trends and insights in real time.

Accountabilities and main responsibilities

  • Taking briefing along the Brand Manager, understanding and establishing in depth the business problem to attend.
  • The creation of the creative briefing with high strategic value, in an inspiring manner.
  • Create, develop and present strategies of first-level including strategic concepts that inspire and provide liquid concepts, preventing their expansion, strengths and weaknesses .
  • Adjust those strategies to Real Time consumer responses. This involves customer contact constantly. You'll be central in the execution of plans.
  • Rethinking reality to inspire the creative team.
  • Make the concepts adapt to any piece, channel or digital format, either an ad piece or content.
  • Leadership in relevant competitions and presentations.
  • Managing & ensuring of content creation improvement of existing repository development/ aggregation of always-on content by brands
  • Understanding the consumer and Internet user of your market even better than they know themselves. Establish various research activities (digital, physical, in the street, panels...).
  • The market benchmark. You will be responsible for competitive communication positioning of the brands and products looking for the niche and competitive advantage in communication.
  • Creator of the semantic and strategic rational universe, in which the brand will dive into each of their campaigns and conversations.
  • Supervisor of the voice of the consumer and the brand’s voice and you will assure that the creative delivery is in the brief.
  • Excellent INTERPRETATION of report results, both quantitative and qualitative.
  • You must always seek learning through tools and techniques what works with consumers to assist the client to take appropriate steps to achieve their goals.
  • Generate absolute confidence with your Creative Team and the Account Director, and the client.
  • Form, translate and inspire on the concepts of communication to all staff.

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