CX Engagement Architect, Innovation Leader

Degree in marketing or advertising..

Experience of a minimum of 5 years working as a Community Manager of large companies, blogger, teacher of social networks or consultant.

Spanish and English at the negotiation level. Other languages will be a plus.
Excellent understanding and experience in the world of Social Networks and also the brand roles and creative strategies.
Passion for the world of marketing, social media and new technologies.
Expert in demonstrable engagement tactics.
Expert curator of viral content.
Smell for the TT and the blunders of the brands.

Born communicator and organizer.
Vocation of customer service (internal / external).
Critical thinking and prepared to solve problems quickly and effectively.
Ability to have a global vision of Social Media, well above the average.
A lot of empathy and leadership skills.
Sensitive with the person but firm with the task.

Cultural Fit

· Honesty.

· Relentlessly.

· Efficiency.

· Attention to detail.

· Analytical skills.

· Organization and planning.

· Fast Learning.

· Creativity and Innovation.

· Proactivity.

· Goal driven.

· Enthusiasm.

· High Standards.

· Communication Skills.

· Teamwork.

· Challenge willing.

Findasense is a fast-growing company. It has developed and deployed marketing and consumer interaction solutions to more than 40 markets over the last 4 years. Since 2011, our team has doubled its size every year, and now comprises more than 250 full-time professionals. Findasense is fully aimed and committed to creating an outstanding, global and networked organization, with innovation, creativity and smart client service practices at the heart of all operations and capabilities. We love humble, talented, and ambitious people with strong ‘can-do’ and ‘start-up’ attitude.


Our CX Digital Engagement Architect will be responsible for making shine our digital media insights in the right way in each social network, in each account and in each timeline. In short words, the CX Digital Engagement Architect execute the strategy through tactical arrangements of engagement in real time. The Engagement Architect oversees the agents work in order to fulfill their KPI`s and the optimization of each posting


Coordinate the agents and Community Manager.
Each day should review the result of the channels of the previous day and make recommendations to each agent to exceed their limits.
The Engagement Architect is the leader of the daily creative alerts.
It is the leader and decision maker of where to engage, what influencers and super fans and in what conversations of the day should be apply.
It is the last responsible for what the agents publish and answer, therefore they double-check with them.
You could be the backup agent of any or several brands at any time.
Reported with IMCR team
It ensures that the agents record the cases in the CRM and know how to answer in a human way and under the parameters of the brand.
In charge of feeding the BBDD Community Insights to work with the BU and FU planners. Architect.

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