Digital Intelligence Specialist - Spain

  • Relevant experience in data analysis of at least 2 years: quantitative and qualitative processes of consumer knowledge, panels and focus groups.
  • Passionate about digital marketing and social media
  • Experience in data extraction and reporting for digital media agencies.
  • Fully proficient in English and Spanish. Other languages are a plus.
  • Ability to explain and relate findings and results to stakeholders, in a credible manner.
  • Experience in web analytics working for a commercial or a transactional website and dealing with a high volume of data from multiple sources.
  • Competent in understanding and applying customer data, analytics and market research to business issues.
  • Ability to inform, explain, advise and consult with internal teams on practical development and application of activity based on web insight.
  • High level of data manipulation and experience in establishing on-going reporting about social media channels.
  • Number focused, able to work with large sets and volumes of data, strong problem solving skills, high level of maths ability and advanced Excel skills.
  • High level of data manipulation and experience in establishing on-going reporting about social media channels.


  • You are an active, well-organized, self motivated, and entrepreneur person.
  • Your are a clearspeaker, with very strong communication skills.
  • You are resolutive, positive, and target oriented.
  • You are an open mind person. That’s why we ask for at least one year of job and living experience abroad your country of origin.
  • You gain trust with people through empathy, and proved common sense, so you instill accountability and leadership. The team love to work with you.
  • You inspire reliability and trust to clients.
  • Energetic leader of people, able to motivate, develop and inspire teams.



  1. We are Alternative Consulting People. Digital native, young, international, talented, and funny.
  2. We work so close to the client, that we are considered its in-house digital department.
  3. We work in a disruptive space, where we experiment on always improvement processes.


To transform data into insights that support the digital strategies through evidence, trends and cultural phenomena. Investigate, converse and understand communities and individuals (Audiences) to identify and detect business, communication or engagement opportunities for brands. Understand the panorama of social networks from a point of view of trends, future of social media, formats, guidelines and people to add value approaches for Findasense team.

Main Accountabilities & Outcomes:

  • Quantitatively and qualitatively analyzes profiles in the client's social networks, their competence and leading companies in digital strategy, generating actionable insights that enrich and enhance our strategic proposal for the client.
  • Performs listening process in social networks and digital media in the client category, identifying the vision of users and other relevant stakeholders, detecting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the client.
  • Consolidate and structure data to present it to the team and internal / external client.
  • Help us to identify trends, patterns and anomalies thats help to understand consumer behavior.
  • Analyze the reports, metrics boards and tools used by the client, generating a proposal of indicators and goals aligned with the client's objectives. It subsequently implements the proposal, monitors results and proposes improvements.
  • Proposes and implements a listening system that allows to detect and manage reputational contingencies or other incidents that affect the client in conjunctiont.
  • Responsible for the qualitative and quantitative reports to be developed according to the defined work plan.
  • Analyze opportunities for integration of different sources of customer data and the generation of new indicators and reports based on them.
  • Research and learn about the latest formats and changes in the platforms of the main social networks.
  • Proposes and reports, according to the data, new ways of approaching creativity in social networks in conjunction with the CX Digital Engagement Lead.

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