Digital Copywriter Specialist - Ecuador.


- Must have at least 2 years of experience in digital agencies and online platforms.

- Responsible, proactive, with good attitude towards work, wanting to participate and learn.

- Knowledge of how the main social networks and digital media work.

- Be able to find effective digital solutions to specific problems.

- Contribute with ideas that give an extra value to the team’s work of everyday and also in campaigns of greater importance.

- Be capable of working together with a digital graphic designer and manage your traffic and workload.

- Impeccable writing and spelling are mandatory.

- Know how to use different software like Word, Keynote, Power Point and others.

- Be able to present ideas in a fluent and clear way to your leaders and eventually to the client.

- Respect delivery deadlines and be in charge of the projects assigned to you from the first day.

-Dominate English & Spanish.

Valores compartidos

  • Maximizador.
  • Individualizador.
  • Futurista.
  • Cumplidor.
  • Activador.
  • Responsable.
  • Adaptable.
  • Icebreaker.
  • Conectado.
  • Comunicador.


The chosen person must develop creative and content strategies for one of the most important brands of mass consumption, providing creativity and criteria to each of the projects.


- Contribute ideas within the brand communication territory, that can be transformed into big campaign.

- Create content for Social Networks of important brands.

- Write in a form that excites, entertain or provoke the purchase of the product.

- Generate digital tactics that motivates people to engage.

- Check spelling of different deliverables.

- Use creative filter to define if an idea can work or not.

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